The Baseline Survey 


This program provides a fundamental review of the facility’s Functional Program, Environment of Care, Statement of Conditions & Basic Building Information, and a thorough Life Safety survey of the physical plant. Considerations include the guidelines of the Comprehensive Accreditation Manual for Hospitals, the National Fire Protection Association, the American Society for Healthcare Engineering, and the Local & State Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). This program includes samples from an Acute Care Hospital for an example.

Upon completion of the Survey, Precision Constructors will issue a comprehensive Baseline Survey Report with recommendations. 


1          Functional Program Description

1.1        Evaluate and establish the facility’s functional services and operational capabilities by reviewing the Functional Program Description (FPD). 

1.2        Review of the FPD allows for a better and more comprehensive survey. 

1.3        If a FPD does not exist, Precision also provides development services to create a thorough FPD for the facility. 

2          Environment of Care

2.1        The hospital develops an Environment of Care (EOC) Manual which outlines the 8 Management Plans as developed by the facility. 

2.2        Precision performs a detailed review of the EOC and all management plans including Safety, Security, Hazardous Materials & Waste, Emergency, Fire Safety, Medical Equipment, Utilities, and Construction Renovation Infection Control Management.

3          Statement of Conditions

3.1        The hospital develops a Statement of Conditions (SOC) which describes the building construction type and life safety features of the facility.

3.2        Precision performs a complete review of the SOC to establish all life safety features and type of construction details including locations of rated barriers, fire safety equipment, emergency egress routes, fire & smoke compartmentalization, and a detailed review of the Life Safety Floor Plan.

4          Survey of the Physical Environment

4.1      Precision will perform a detailed survey of the hospital spaces and support service spaces to establish the level of integrity and safety of the hospital’s physical environment. For this we have developed a comprehensive 185 point checklist.

4.2        An above ceiling survey will be performed to establish the integrity of the facility’s Life Safety Systems including fire & smoke rated barriers, control doors, mechanical dampers, and compartmentalization.

5          Baseline Survey Report

5.1        Precision Constructors will provide a detailed and comprehensive Baseline Survey Report outlining the findings and recommendations.