Hospital Design/Build and General Contracting Construction/Renovation

Precision Constructors personnel have extensive experience in the Design/Build and General Contracting Construction and Renovation of General Acute Hospitals, Specialty Acute Hospitals, Acute Psychiatric Hospitals, Behavioral Healthcare Centers, and Rehabilitation Facilities for inpatient and outpatient care.

Our experience extends to hospitals and facilities in the USA, Puerto Rico, England, Scotland, and Antigua, BWI.   Our General Acute Care Hospital experience includes the design, construction, and renovation of over 75 Acute Care Specialty Hospitals. The Psychiatric Hospital and Facility inventory consisted of over 100 hospitals and treatment facilities including general psychiatric for children, adolescents, adults & geriatric, and alcohol & drug chemical dependency programs.

Our experience includes the design of and construction/renovation management of hospitals in Georgia, South Carolina, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Arkansas, Minnesota, Indiana, Ohio, Florida, California, Illinois, Washington State, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, Wisconsin, Nevada, West Virginia, Massachusetts, Hawaii, and Montana.  Many of these states currently have Certificate of Need requirements, which add a very high degree of scrutiny and financial control to the overall process to help prevent surprises at the end of the project requiring further hearings or reapplication to obtain licensure.


Our website “Services” links include more detailed information for the Acute Care Program.  Our Renovation Program, Pharmacy USP 797, Radiology, IT, Equipment Planning, Facility Maintenance and the Baseline Survey all apply to the Acute Care Program.


Elevation of a multi-story Specialty Acute Care hospital:


Floor plans of Specialty Acute Care hospitals:



Elevation of a multi-story Psychiatric hospital:


Floor plan of a general psychiatric hospital floor with child, adolescent, and adult units: